Golden Axe Game

The game takes place in the kingdom of Yuria - a medieval world in the style of Conan the Barbarian. The story is that the King and his daughter have been captured and are being held captive in a castle. The evil Death Adder has them and also has found the magical emblem of Yuria the Golden Axe which he says he will destroy along with his captives if the people of the town do not allow him to rule them. There are three warriors who decide to rescue the town; Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler and Tyris Flare. All of them have lost relatives to Death Adder and so are seeking revenge with Gilius having lost his twin brother, Ax having lost his mother and Tyris having lost both parents. They all have different backgrounds and different weapons. Gilius has a battle axe and is a dwarf from the mines of Woloud, Ax is a warrior with a two handed broadsword and Tyris has a long sword and is a female amazon. They all have different powers.

The three go to Turtle Village which is located on a giant turtle shell and rescue the people there. The turtle then transports them across a sea and there they ride on the back of a giant eagle to get to the castle. At the castle they fight Death Adder and defeat him, get the Golden Axe and save the land. In some versions of the game, such as PC and Mega Drive there is also a battle with Death Bringer who is the mentor of Death Adder. After winning this last battle all the warriors receive a magical golden axe that give them immortality.

To work through the game it is necessary to fight the henchmen of Death Adder. These include skeletons and knights and they have weapons such as maces and clubs. To fight, players can use weapons and spells which vary in strength depending on how many bars of magic power the player has. By collecting magic potions by kicking sprites who then drop them, these bars can be filled. The spites appear in levels and bonus levels. Ax can cast earth spells, Gilius lightening spells and Tyris fire magic. Each of the characters has their own magic bar level so they need to fill each up in order to cast spells.

In the game players come across bizarrians which are steeds and can be ridden if the enemy riding one comes off or if one is found. These vary from a weak cockatrice which can knock enemies over with its tail to a dragon which can breathe fire. The more dangerous bizarrians are found in later levels of the game.

Some game version has an additional duel mode which will has one and two player options. It allows players to fight against enemies that increase in power each round.

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